Festival Offer

Dining Set

The classic wood dining with elegant wooden chairs - add a bit of intricate designs and a wooden dining bench and you get this marvellous yet affordable piece. Made for the long haul - make this dining an inheritance set to be handed down generations.


Living Set

A royal amalgamation of Solid teak wood and rich fabric in hues of brown and cream. Traditional piece of style with artistic plush décor and embellishments and intricate woodwork.


The modern world demands multiple facets from each of us. So expect more out of the furniture too - a sofa when you got folks around but a cozy bed when you want to have a bit of a shut eye. And the level of compactness in this sofa cum bed leaves you with more than sufficient room in your living room


A nice glossy finish on this perfectly glossy bed goes very well with your brightly designed bedroom. Two neat square side tables come attached with this bed to make it a set.

Office Furniture

Tall, black office chair - both professional and comfortable. The netty design prevents your back the heat while the adjustable headrest allows you seat yourself in any comfortable positions