Know Your Woodpecker Furniture

“WOODPECKER” furniture are produced on the latest and most sophisticated machineries using globally available raw material by a team of dedicated work force world over. In order to ensure optimum use of Woodpecker furniture it is very important for you to know your product. Woodpecker furniture are made from various raw materials such as MDF, Particle Board, Fibre Board which are called Engineered Woods, Solid wood, Mild Steel, Glass, Synthetic Fibre etc.

M.D.F.: M.D.F. means Medium Density Fibre. They are made from fine wood fibre bonded with resin glue and compressed at high pressure. They have Smooth surface. Normally used in wardrobes, wall units, TV units, computer tables and similar standalone items wherein the movement and friction is minimum.

PARTICLE BOARD: Particles Boards are made from wood Chips, Wood Paste & Solids and bonded with resin glue and compressed at high pressure. They are widely used to manufacture furniture.

FIBRE BOARD: Fibre Boards are made from finely ground waste wood fibre bonded under heat & pressure. They are Strong, Tough and Impact resistant and widely used as a back panel or board on frame panel. All the above are extremely strong, termite/borer resistant and good substitute for natural wood. Being pre laminated these are available in a variety of colours & shades, pre-cut shapes and sizes and does not require any kind of polishing / varnishing and thus maintenance free.

SOLID WOODS: Solid Woods such as Maranti, Oak Wood, Ply Wood, Teak Wood, Veneer tops are used in Woodpecker furniture depending on the need and end use. All these are well treated for termites. The finish in the outer surface will always be more superior than the inner layers. This has been done in order to optimize the cost and make your Woodpecker furniture more affordable. Uneven textures, abrasion marks, nodal marks, cuts etc., are characteristics of natural wood and cannot be considered as defect.