Embracing Classic Furniture

Embracing Classic Furniture

Complementary pairs of furniture are what make your place more lively and complete. It’s not always about a fabulous sofa or a marvelous cot. It could be a simple arm chair but a fitting side table can give it that touch of class beyond any single product can conjure up.


So without any more mincing of words, lets jump into the best complementing products.


Sofa and Coffee Table: A classic and essential pairing, the sofa and coffee table create a focal point in the living room. Choose a coffee table that complements the style and size of the sofa. For example, a large sectional sofa pairs well with a spacious coffee table, while a sleek modern sofa may be complemented by a minimalist glass or metal coffee table.

Armchair and Side Table: An armchair and a side table create a cozy reading or relaxation nook in any room. Choose an armchair that complements the existing furniture in the space and select a side table that is proportionate to the armchair's height. This pairing is perfect for adding a comfortable and functional touch to a corner or beside a fireplace.

Dresser and Mirror: In the bedroom or entryway, a dresser and mirror create a practical and stylish combination. Choose a mirror that complements the dresser's design and size. A dresser with a simple frame may pair well with an ornate or decorative mirror, while a larger dresser may call for a sizable mirror to balance the proportions.

Sofa and Throw Pillows: While not furniture in themselves, throw pillows are an excellent way to complement a sofa. Choose pillows that coordinate with the sofa's color and style while adding texture and patterns that enhance the overall design.

Every complementary pair of furniture don't necessarily have to match perfectly. Mixing different styles and materials can create an eclectic and stylish look. The key is to ensure that the pieces work harmoniously together and contribute to a cohesive and inviting space. Start shopping!